Loose Caboose

Loose Caboose are a “Nu-Skiffle” pop side project from the South Coast of England. Emerging from the same Southampton scene as Band of Skulls (they were featured alongside Band of Skulls on an early release on the Sotones label), the band have taken a break from their other musical projects to put the finishing touches on their debut album. Lead single “Sarsons Lane” is a Beach Boys-esque, harmony heavy pop tune that sets the tone for the album which is full of cheeky songs which don’t take themselves to seriously! The three band members have serious projects, drummer Ollie Austin is in Moulettes (Navigator Records), bass player Ben Startup has produced everyone from Prinzhorn Dance School to Sham69 (who he also filled in on bass for once) and guitarist Thomas Joseph runs a recording studio.

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by bass player Ben Startup in his own studio(Valley Studios) so what you are hearing really is just the sound of 3 men having fun and being left to their own devices to make a record.

As guitarist/vocalist Thomas Joseph says “While its all very well having ‘serious projects’, sometimes its nice to just play music with your mates and have a laugh”. And you can certainly hear it as the album captures a lot of the atmosphere of the live studio sessions.